Viper Development is a Software Development company that helps startups to bring their app to the store or to the web within no time on a tight budget.

Our Core Values

Values are what define us as humans as well as a company. Here’s what we stand for:


We make your app happen within days  —  not months, not years. We respond within hours  —  not weeks. A startup needs to be fast and agile and we’re here to speed you up, not slow you down.


We need to be lean. We need to be fast. We need to iterate on the things that we build and do. We never build the full thing at once using the waterfall model. This blog post is a start — and we have no idea where it’s going. We’ll learn it along the way.


Being fast and incremental is all good and well, but if we want to provide a competetive product for our clients we need to be using modern technologies. We’re not one developer but a network of international developers and founders and we strive to keep ourselves informed about the latest and greatest stuff that’s out there.

Currently we’re hooked on ionic which allows us building mobile apps for all platform at lightning speed and even gives us an easy way to serve a PWA.


We’re coming from an open source background. We love transparency and openness. As it turns, transparency is key for a good client relationship as well. If you’re a client we’ll pull you into our mattermost so you have a direct line our founders, our developers and our network.