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14.07.2020 | Written by Lasse Schuirmann

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Today we introduce Next Day Ventures, our own pioneer for Tech-Partnerships. You can read more about what exactly makes a tech partnership in our article about the different options for outsourcing product development. Here we will now briefly introduce our own Tech-Partner.

Why did we found Next Day Ventures?

With VIPERdev we have already developed MVPs and complete products for various startups. With growing experience in the startup environment, not only did our actual product get better, but we were also able to provide more and more startup related tips. With experience in market entry, first sales assistance and financing, for example, we have been able to help many founders far beyond the code we developed for them.

Again and again we have heard the same from our customers:

“VIPERdev has brought our business model forward sustainably. We want you not only as a tech team. We want you as co-founders.”

Next Day Ventures is our answer to this demand. The company was founded at the beginning of the year and has directly implemented two start-ups. A third foundation, as well as the medium-term establishment of an own team is in planning.

How does a cooperation with Next Day Ventures work?

In short - this is what a cooperation with Next Day Ventures looks like:

  • Have a business idea for software-based product
  • Validate business model
  • Start of cooperation/entry into the company
  • Define product precisely together
  • Show possibilities of software development and strive for the most efficient development
  • Product development
  • Place product on the market
  • Close cooperation in the further course
  • Weekly meetings and continuous development

Next Day Ventures never sees itself as a pure investor, but always as a co-founder. Therefore we do not make purely financial investments at the moment, but always want to actively contribute to the success of an investment. The Tech-Partner fills the position of the internal CTO wit equity; in cooperation with VIPERdev as the development team of Next Day Ventures.

In this way, we bring our startups to the market at the usual pace and are actively involved in the long-term success of our investments as an internal stakeholder. This is one of the key characteristics of tech partners, which is clearly visible in our comparison.

This makes market entry even more favorable: On the one hand, as CTO we do not generate any running costs! We demand only a few percent of the company and offer a fixed price for the development, as is standard with VIPERdev. Additionally, as developers interested in long-term success, we can guarantee the most efficient and cheapest development. So far all Next Day Ventures startups have come to the market completely without investors.

What have we already founded?

Next Day Ventures can already look back on several success stories. We have co-founded the following startups and accompany them in a close exchange and as an integral part on their further path.

How can I cooperate with Next Day Ventures?

First of all, you need a good idea for a software-based product and a good team. At the latest during our early cooperation you should quickly find customers who are willing to pay for your product.

We have written down possible processes for the validation of ideas in our Whitepaper. Here you will find eight methods to show that your business model works. However, the decision for a cooperation is always made individually. If we work with a startup, we are completely convinced of it!

If you are interested, please introduce your business to us! We are happy about all inquiries and are always looking forward to interesting digital business models. At the moment you can send us your pitchdeck directly at and tell us about your ideas for a cooperation.

*If you have any questions about how a cooperation works or what your advantages and costs would be with such a cooperation, you can also book a free consultation appointment here.

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