What am I actually doing here all day? - An article about meaning at work

16.06.2021 | Written by Ole Peterson

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How we work at VIPERdev

We don’t make money, we make startups and products that are actually needed. Why? Because we are more satisfied with our work that way. At the heart of what we do is the meaning behind our actions. And we once decided that we wanted to do our work to help develop innovative, meaningful startups. In doing so, we want to help the world take a small step forward. Thus, this is also the focus of our actions and the answer to the question: What am I actually doing here all the time?

We are convinced that it is very important to have a good answer to this question. We also think that “money” is not a very good answer. Because money alone may not be the drive that keeps you motivated to do your job every day in the long run. Each of us has his or her own motivations and interests, and what unites us at VIPERdev is the desire for new products and software that makes sense for the customer and user.

What does this mean for our everyday work?

For our own operations, it means first and foremost that anyone can develop a product from start to finish and a developer can creatively shape the product; experience the whole development process and finally the finished software.

A precise division of tasks would probably even be more efficient. However, our chosen purpose would get lost for every individual who would only do one single work step on a product that is anonymous for them.

That’s why we make sure that customers get a team at their side once, who then also develop the product together with them. So that everyone keeps the big picture in mind and gives their work a tangible meaning.

What does this mean for our customers?

For our customers, it means openness first and foremost. With the drive to develop successful startups, it doesn’t make sense for us to nod off all ideas to the customer. If we think something is not good, we will say so. Even if it’s one feature less that we’re allowed to develop for the product.

We are convinced that this pays off in the long run. On the one hand, through satisfied customers in the long term, and on the other hand, because our purpose would be missed if we were to develop unnecessary features.

Our approach of not only giving work a purpose, but also making it the focus of the company, is not new. The idea of purpose companies, i.e. precisely this concept, is already lived by many companies and is already a separate and widespread legal form in Denmark, for example.

In Germany, companies such as Einhorn, Bosch, Alnatura and many others have already opted for a purpose concept, albeit with the detours still required. This is because there is still no legal form in Germany that legally obligates purpose-driven companies to be the center of their activities. So far, there is only the GmbH/UG and more or less voluntary solutions for Purpose.

The new legal form would, for example, make it easier to solve the succession problem faced by many family businesses. Startup founders could also signal from the very beginning that they are not interested in a quick exit, but in a long-term mission. Because to put it in a nutshell: In a company with tied-up capital, an owner cannot simply sell everything, because the company does not belong to him; it belongs to itself.

Learn more

We are passionate about this topic and can only advise all founders to take a look into it. In our experience, it has many advantages towards your own team and customers. As soon as the message is received that our primary concern is to develop good products, the work usually takes place much more at eye level and with the understanding that we are pursuing a common goal. The Allensbach study also produced some findings on the subject that are worth reading, which you can request here. If you think the idea is good overall, there is also a petition to introduce the legal form in Germany. You don’t necessarily have to choose it for your own company, but this would give everyone a chance to do so if they wish.

If you would like to know more about this topic, feel free to contact us, either out of interest or because you are wondering if it is the right thing for your startup. We are happy to help! Book a free appointment here or send us your questions and comments via our contact form.

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