What does an app cost?

20.12.2020 | Written by Ole Peterson

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What’s the price of an app?

Asking how expensive an app is is similar to asking how much a car costs: It always depends. Since this answer is not very helpful yet, we would like to give you a summary for the respective categories of apps so that you can realistically estimate your development costs for your own app.

In addition, we provide you with a price calculator that allows you to get an estimated price for the development of your product based on your required features!

As already mentioned, the price depends on the different features, the quality and the design of the app. A flawlessly designed app with many different screens and functions is always much more expensive than a simple MVP. So the price is between 3-100 thousand euros. So let’s start by differentiating between the different price categories:

Cost of an MVP

The cost of an MVP is 5-10 thousand euros

The first question is: MVP or finished product? A well-focused MVP is much cheaper than a complete product, because many functions are still replaced by your own manual work or already existing programs, so that you can be on the market fast with your app. It is generally estimated that a Minimum Viable Product should account for about 10% of the actual development costs. In this article you will learn everything about the correct specification of MVPs and what else you need to know about Minimum Viable Products.

An MVP costs on average 5,000-10,000 Euros if the developer realizes it efficiently. Whether five or ten thousand Euros is then again a matter of the code. Depending on which functions the MVP needs and how complicated they are to code, there is a corresponding price. Check in our cost calculator how much the features you need would cost.

Costs of the entire product development

The cost of a finished product is between 20-80 thousand euros. However, 50 thousand Euro should not be exceeded for a single development phase.

A complete product can usually be implemented for something between 20,000 and 80,000 euros. However, prices of only 10,000 Euro are also possible for a complete product, with good focus and proper minimalization. Here again, the required functions of the app are very important. You can find out how much each feature will affect the development costs by using our calculator in this article.

Development costs of more than 50.000 Euro should generally be considered with caution if it is only a single iteration. Due to the high costs for a startup, it carries too much risk and extends the time-to-market by extremely important days and weeks. It is better to have faster and cheaper development phases in order to get faster feedback from the market. This feedback can still be used in further development steps for your own app to make your future customer really happy with the product.

Cost of single features

When planning an app, one thing must be clear to you: Every additional feature and every additional page in the application itself is always a programming effort and often requires maintenance as well, which in turn generates ongoing costs for your startup. It’s very easy to drift away a little bit when planning products and to wish for more and more features for your product, which in reality generate unbearable costs.

So when answering the questions in the price calculator, make sure that your app really needs the requested features. If you are not sure, don’t specify it for now and ask us later if this extra would justify the price. This way we want to give you a realistic price estimation for the development of your app and make your product from day 1 cheap, focused and competitive.

The price for your app

But now it should start: Fill out the price calculator and get a first price range. Leave us your email address if you would like a more detailed price estimate. This is of course completely free of charge and without any obligation from our side.

We hope that we could help you. We at VIPERdev have already brought many startups with digital business models to market and developed goal-oriented apps for them. If you have any questions on this topic, you can always contact us via our contact form or book an appointment online (https://calendly.com/sils/market-validation-consultancy?month=2020-10) to talk about your project.

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