Let's go on the SameRun

04.08.2021 | Written by Jody Siregar


Let’s go on the SameRun

SameRun is an app developed by Lasse as a free-time project and recently launched in the app stores. It enables everyone to make a run together, but at their own pace by using a scheduled audio connection through the app.

People can just share a starting time and give an idea about the dimension of their run. Other users can join the run then and communicate with the other runner through the audio connection opening at the starting time. Everyone can run with others, but still at their own pace. A good way to keep in touch during pandemic times and keep active. Due to scheduled runs, a lack of motivation should be less of a problem.

By using SameRun, you can join a run wherever you are. By using a voice call, it enables you and your companion to feel a sense of togetherness while doing the run. The app also enables the organizer of the run to see the commitment of those who are interested in joining. By using SameRun, you can invite your friends and also meet new ones. On the newest update, SameRun added an option for walking and biking together!

Create Run Create Run | © SameRun

Fast and functional development

SameRun has been developed as a freetime project by the VIPERdev team in 2 weeks from the concept phase to the app store. The idea for SameRun came up when the CEO of VIPERdev wanted to have an app that allows people to connect through the sport and run together. SameRun is the perfect example of how an idea can become a reality in a very short time if you implement it immediately and develop it further based on the feedback and experience of the first users.

From the initial idea to the first run it has been a real sprint. Following our guidelines for fast development it was easy to push this project into the app stores after only two weeks, with a simple but functional design. The app is working and is able to serve with its core functions. Now it is meant to be used so that feedback can roll in. There is still room for additions and based on feedback we will add the features users actually wish for. Just like with any other MVP we build with our philosophy of getting to the market fast.

In-Run Dashboard In-Run Dashboard | © SameRun

Give it a try

After being sceptical about running together at first, many did enjoy it after giving it a try. Feel free to check out the app in the stores and join your first run. Or just visit the website of SameRun first.

If you want to know more about the way we develop applications, wether as MVP or as whole products at VIPERdev and get them to the market fast: Contact us via our contact form or just book an non-binding appointment with Lasse, the developer of SameRun here

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