15.01.2021 | Written by Ole Peterson

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A talent for talents - How taleegator makes successful

Taleegator is a software product that enables companies to develop their talents in the best possible way. In times of strong competition on the demand side of the labor market, employers have to pay more and more attention to retain their talents in order to stay competitive. The first product for guided talent development is called taleegator and was developed by VIPERdev. The finished web application was completed and handed over by one of our developers in nine weeks. In total, it cost 5000 euros.

Here you can get a short overview about the interface of taleegator’s developement plans and get an impression about our developments and designs:

The founder of taleegator is Inga Bayer. She already has two decades of experience in HR and recognized the niche for her current product: Too often, team leaders don’t quite know how to promote their talents in a targeted manner and quickly lose the overview, if they even try at all. However, Inga also needed the right overview to turn her idea into a profitable startup. With us, she achieved that in no time: “Viperdev helped me to concretize my idea and vision, define it as a robust business model and finally implement it.”

Review meetings, promotion goals, actual states and everything else that belongs to the extensive task of talent development is now recorded in smart templates at taleegator and creates commitment. Taleegator offers various plans to track different goals, making progress and upcoming tasks always visible. “The entire product could be implemented within my budget of a solo entrepreneur without a financially strong background. Requested additional developments were also implemented promptly,” Inga continues, describing the transformation from idea to product.

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