MVP Product Development

  • Startup

  • 14.000€ - 20.000€
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • One to Three Simple Features
  • Android, iOS or Web
  • 30-90 days
  • Start Now
  • Business

  • 20.000€ - 50.000€
  • Customer Ready Product
  • Few Advanced Features
  • Android, iOS and Web
  • About 90 days
  • Start Now
  • Enterprise

  • 50.000€ upwards
  • Enterprise Product
  • Feature Rich
  • Android, iOS and Web
  • 90 days+
  • Start Now
  • Unicorn

  • Individual
  • Demanding Applications
  • Special Features, e.g. AI
  • Android, iOS and Web
  • Individual
  • Start Now

Dedicated Team

Planning to release multiple MVPs or struggling to get your ongoing development done fast? We can help you by assembling a custom team to build your own MVP factory or boost your MVP to a quick release.

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If you want to iterate on your business model or start changing the culture in your company, we can help you by consulting your and your team.

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How We Work with You



Our main goal is to make your business more successful. That is why we ask you for far more than just a technical specification of the project. During the initial consultation we understand your business goals so we can ensure that we actually reach those goals instead of just working off checkboxes.



After we defined the requirements, the budget and the best technical solution for your business goals together, we design the necessary features for your app. In the design phase the architecture of the project is established. This step helps remove possible flaws and making sure we’re all on the same page.



We develop your cross platform app using the mobile app framework Ionic. With this complete open-source software we create apps for Android, iOS and the Web. Using this cutting-edge technology will save you money in the long run without being more expensive in the first place.



We keep our clients involved during the entire process to ensure we are on the right track. After a successful pilot study and your thumbs up we upload your app to iOS, Android and Windows app stores. For our minimal viable product package your app is built and launched in as little as 30 days.

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