Building Blocks

8 Hacks to Validate Startup Ideas.

Using these strategies you can validate your idea and launch your product.

VIPERdev launches a product every month with great companies like:

90% of all Startups fail.

Don’t be one of those.

  • Customer Understanding: Understand your target group before building your product.
  • Sales Pipeline: Prepare your sales pipeline for your product to invest worry free into its development.
  • Actual Cash: Using our strategies you’ll eventually be able to let your customers pay in advance for product development.
  • Build Your Product: Many startups fail implementing their product even though they don’t expect it. We’ve seen it all - don’t repeat their mistakes.

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Founding Experience By VIPERdev

We launch a product every month. On average it takes our customers 2-3 months from the start of a project to an app in the store or a webapp online. But more importantly: thanks to our help many founders actuall get customers before even launching their app which speeds up their market entry drastically.