How it works

Our founders and business experts work with you to design your app.

We look at your business goals and define the best application to reach those.

Your app is implementend and launched in as little as 30 days.

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1. Consult With Us

Schedule a meeting with our business experts. We work with you to define the best Minimum Viable Product leading to your goals. We design your app together to stay within your budget and help you define the most essential features.

You receive a fixed price offer. If we can't find a concept to your satisfaction, you only pay a €300 consultation fee and receive our technical and business analysis of your product.


2. We Implement Your App

We create your cross platform application ready for Android, iOS and the Web.

We develop one code base and use cutting edge application development technology to save you money on the long run without being more expensive in the first place.


3. Launch your app

We'll help you to launch your app into the relevant app stores and provide a package ready for your server - all included.

If you need a server to run your project chat to us about hosting. You'll receive a product roadmap when you consult us so you know where to go next - with or without us.


Get Started

Startup Package

This offer is for startups and small businesses.

We conceptualize, develop, deploy and build a roadmap for your idea in 30 days at a fixed price so you can get the data you desire or convince your favourite investors in no time.

You will receive a fully functional Minimum Viable Product.

This includes:

Starting at €3000.

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Consultation Package

Meet with our founders and business experts to advise you on your startup’s technical requirements and strategy.

You’ll receive our advice and a product roadmap.

Available for €300

Enterprise Package

Looking for more or are a larger business?

Please contact us for an individual offer.

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