Create your App for €3000

The start of your new business

Work with our founders and business experts to design your app. Designed with you, we implement and deploy in as little as 30 days. Starting at €3000.

For startups eager to get off the ground. We launch your application so you can focus on building your business. we provide high quality cross platform mobile and web apps.

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Consult with us

Schedule a meeting with our business experts. We work with you to define the best Minimum Viable Product leading to your goals. We design your app together to stay within your budget and help you define the most essential features.

If we don’t agree on a concept to your satisfaction, only pay our €300 consultation fee and receive our technical analysis of your product.

We implement your app

We create your cross platform application ready for Android, iOS and the Web. Only maintain one code base and use cutting edge application development technology.

Launch your app

We’ll deploy your app in the relevant app stores and provide a deployable version of your product ready for your server - all included. If you need a server to run your project chat to us about hosting.

Get a product roadmap

Get a product roadmap when you consult us so you know where to go next - with or without us. We are startup specialists who consult on business and technical requirements. Your consultation will be kept private and all meetings will be under a NDA.

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