You can Profit from Code Quality

We provide workshops and work with your team to improve not only your code quality, but have a long term effect on your team(s).

Brought to you by the creators of coala and GitMate

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We Want to Make a Lasting Change to Your Business

We Work with People

We understand that your developers are great and know the most about your software. Successfully improving the quality of your software involves not working against your developers but with them to gain a lasting improvement.

Unlock Your Teams Next Level

We offer workshops to get your teams up to speed when it comes to code quality. Topics include Working With Git, Finding the Perfect Development Workflow for Your Company or workshops customized to your needs.

Introduce Continuous Integration

We use and develop many parts of continuous integration on a daily basis. We love to share our experience with you by introducing your teams into those concepts with workshops or by working with your team for a while.

Passionate Solutions

We passionately deliver only the best possible services to our customers. We love what we're doing and you can profit from that. If we think another service provider might be able to help you better than us - we'll tell you right away.

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