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Your Product
Done in 8 Weeks

Entering the market with new digital business ideas is hard. It oftentimes takes many months and six digit sums to build the initial product. Many startups dry out in the process. Let a team of experienced founders and developers help you to succeed with your business.

Make It Happen

Success Stories

This is the story of your product.

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1 Week

Define your product

You tell us about your business idea as well as your business model. Together, we will break it down into specific features.

You will get a better understanding of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This philosophy helps us, focusing your business model to its core. It is what helps you enter the market faster than your competitors.

Drawing - Lightbulbs as balloons
1 Week


You receive first sketches of the most important screens of your application.

Together, we are laying down foundations of what your application is going to be built on. That includes the user flow but also the general look and feel.

Two persons work on a large lightbulb
4 Weeks


Sit back and relax! We are building your product. You will receive weekly updates on the progress.

Psst... here's our secret to being faster than others; we built a tool that generates a lot of boilerplate code for your application. That's why we spend 8 weeks crafting the code that's quite unique to your product.

bug fixing
2 Weeks

Testing and Bug fixes

The feature list is complete and your application will receive stability care in this phase by our testers and developers.

This is also an opportunity for you to find and report bugs that you notice. We will put the finishing touches to make the product ready for launch.



The moment of glory is coming. Together, we submit your application to the respective app stores or put it live on your domain.

From now on you can start collecting feedback from users, compile numbers for investors and do your first sale!



You did it. Your product works. You are generating revenue. We know, you are excited about adding in some of the features your customers are requesting.

If you like, we will continuously work with you and grow your product. You can decide on a budget that we use each month to iterate on your product.

Our architecture is highly portable. It is built to scale and last. If you would rather build your own team of developers, don't worry; you will always own your code and we will give you insights on how to build a successful team of developers too.